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Amy Ullrich is a historical fiction author whose passion is to bring history to life through the eyes of deeply relatable characters. In all of her writing, Amy loves to highlight how, throughout history, God works through ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. To find out more about Amy and her books, visit

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Captivated by the joy of storytelling at an early age, Amy Ullrich is an author whose passion is to bring history to life through the eyes of relatable fictional characters. Amy’s favourite way to study history is to examine the lives of individuals, finding out how God used their personal stories to impact future generations.

Amy particularly loves to see how, throughout history, God has worked through weak, ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Her debut novel, Among the Great, explores this theme while introducing readers to the life and times of Alfred the Great.

Besides writing, Amy loves reading, playing music, painting, and of course, interacting with her readers! To find out more about her, visit

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5 Things you didn’t know about Amy:

  1. She was named after the missionary, Amy Carmichael.
  2. She was homeschooled.
  3. Her maternal grandfather’s middle name was Alfred.
  4. She once wrote a story where the hero killed a tiger by hitting it over the head with the blunt end of an axe. (She had a thing about blood).
  5. She loves reading books by Puritans. (Thomas Vincent and Philip Henry are some of her favourites.)

Speaking Topics:

Why and How to Study History as a Christian

Understanding history is vital to developing a right perspective of the world. History is particularly important for Christians as it is foundational to what we believe. But how should we approach this complex subject that is often fraught with conflicting accounts and controversial issues?

What Christians Can Learn from King Alfred About Overcoming Weakness

Alfred the Great, the only English king to be called “Great,” was a man well acquainted with defeat and the trials of ongoing illness. His story is a testimony to the power of God’s strength working through weakness.

Why the Question of Origins is a Matter for History, Not Science

Since the 19th century, scientists have attempted to use evolution to answer the age-old question, “Where do we come from?” But is this a question for science? Or, is it rather a historical question? If so, how can one arrive at an historically accurate answer?

Why You Should Read Aloud to Your Children (and Your Teenagers)

In our culture, reading aloud is sadly out of fashion. But the benefits of reading to your children (and your teenagers) are enormous!

Encouragement from a Homeschool Graduate

Having worked with homeschoolers, and being a homeschool graduate myself, I know how challenging this path can sometimes be. Let me talk about the amazing blessing homeschooling was to me, and share some encouragement for those who have undertaken this rewarding, but often difficult, journey.

3 Things King Alfred Teaches Us About Courage

As a man faced with many trials and obstacles, Alfred the Great is an amazing example of a man who never gave up. His story teaches us how sometimes courage means waiting patiently, and at other times requires taking action. Ultimately, he points us to God, the source of true courage.

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